Sunday, March 20, 2016

New teas might add a bit of a 'spring' to your step

By Giselle Wedemire

Spring has sprung today, my fellow picky bitches! Congrats; we made it out of winter alive, which means we can (hopefully) start putting our winter clothes in storage, bust out some lighter threads, and dig into less carby, more rejuvenating fare.

To help make the transition from winter's heavier palate to spring's lighter menu are DavidsTea's springtime tea collection. Of the five teas being promoted for this time of year, three of them seem to be vegan (and, as usual, they are all gluten-free):

And, of course, it wouldn't be a proper springtime post without some mention of Easter. In addition to the standard seasonal teas above, the folks at DavidsTea have also resurrected (see what I did there? I made an Easter joke) three fan favourites for their special Easter tea collection

This limited edition collection brings back three previously discontinued dessert-themed teas that are perfect for those with a sweet tooth. However, if your sweet tooth is a bit more discerning as far as animal-derived bits go, you might want to stay away from this festive trio, since only one of the three teas seem to be vegan**:

Sadly, the other two Easter teas and the remaining two Spring teas contain milk in various forms. (Seriously, why? You can just add milk to the tea once it's done steeping, that way everyone can enjoy these teas! But I digress...)

Are you excited to try out any of these seasonal teas? What are you going to do to celebrate the first day of spring? Are you going to hole yourself up in your apartment and bake for a few hours like me, or are you going to head outside and actually enjoy the great outdoors? Let me know by commenting below, or by tweeting me at @PickyBitchez

* Even though their site says that the Pistachio Ice Cream tea contains "natural and artificial pistachio cream flavouring", a DavidsTea rep assured me via email that it does not have any dairy in the tea blend. Sounds a bit suspicious to me -- because what else could this pistachio cream flavouring be made from? -- but until I have further evidence, I have to trust the rep and report that it's dairy-free. Please let me know if you hear anything to the contrary.

** The ingredients for the Jolly Jellybean tea cut off about halfway through the word 'pineapple', but the rest of the ingredients are vegan; if you happen to hear of any further ingredients that were cut off that might deem this tea not vegan, please let me know!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Vegan wine and cheese pairings & a giveaway!

By Giselle Wedemire

I love wine, and I'm always up for trying out a new vegan cheese. But I never gave much thought to pairing the two because to me, wine pairing always seemed like one of those things that only rich, snooty WASPs do when planning their dinner menus after inviting similarly fancy friends with names like Carlton and Ivanna over for a dinner party. 

That's not how I roll.

A glass of malbec while curled up on the couch watching British game shows? Now that's more my speed. However, I like setting ridiculous, self-imposed challenges for myself, so I figured why not learn how to pair vegan cheeses with wine?