Hey! I’m Giselle, a Calgary-based freelance writer and the face behind Picky Bitchez. I started this blog as a class project with my friend Casey when we were in our second year of journalism school. 

We originally teamed up to create a blog that was tailored to our ‘picky’ lifestyles, creating reviews, recipes, and regular ol’ blog posts that would appeal to both celiacs (like Casey) and vegans (like me).  

Two years later, Casey stepped down from the blog to pursue her passion for photography, and I’ve helmed PB ever since. 

As a long-time vegan, I ensure that everything post about on here is completely cruelty-free, though I do try to include as much gluten-free content as possible.

Got an idea for a great product review, or a tip for where I can score the best vegan brunch in YYC? Hit me up.

Not enough info for you? Here's a rundown of what I think are the essentials:
  • Favourite holiday movie: Home Alone
  • Favourite Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw all the way!
  •  Biggest vegan pet peeve: When people ask me what I eat in a typical day; it's such a boring question to answer. Also, I'm so done with seeing recipes for avocado toast. Come on, guys, be realistic: that's like creating recipes for ice cubes.
  • I'm forever obsessed with: British TV (especially their reality and game shows)
  • I make a mean ____: Slutty brownie. 
  • One thing you should know about this blog: I mention my period quite a bit. If you're not down with that, don't click on any of my Menses Munchies posts.
  • I can't live without ____: self-care, peanut butter, kitty cuddles, family and friends, and Mr. Picky Bitch.

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