Monday, October 29, 2012

A word on moisture: 'vegan baking' and 'dry' aren't synonyms

By Giselle Wedemire

Picky Bitch Giselle eyes some vegan baking essentials that 'll ensure that your baked goods are bitchin'.

While the absence of dairy and eggs in any diet have been shown to be beneficial, this can often lead new vegan bakers to much head scratching.

Without the use of traditional, animal-sourced ingredients, novice vegans may find themselves faced with questionable substitutions and/or baked goods that turn out as dry as the Mojave Desert. Either way, it doesn’t make for a good time, as former vegan Melissa Cassidy found out.

Gluten sensitive doughnuts a popular choice at Jelly Modern

A delicious gluten sensitive Pumpkin Spice doughnut from Jelly Modern. 

If you don’t get along with gluten, you probably haven’t had a doughnut in years. Jelly Modern can change that.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Don't let wheat ruin your Thanksgiving sweet-tooth

Picky Bitch Casey Knoll holding a tasty gluten-free pumpkin
pie at Lakeview Bakery's 90th Ave SW location. 

By Casey Knoll

Picky bitch Casey shows you how to rid gluten from thanksgiving pies with kitchen practices, local bakeries, and gluten-free crusts. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Surviving Turkey Day as a vegan

By Giselle Wedemire

Photo by Giselle Wedemire
Picky Bitch Giselle offers up two Thanksgiving options that are easily veganized: pumpkin pie and  green bean casserole (click the links to access these rad recipes).

The holidays can be stressful enough wth the many celebrations that are packed into one general timeframe. Adding food to this mix can be even more stressful when you add a Picky Bitch into the equation.

Though her plans are still up in the air, novice vegan Yashica Anandani will be facing the challenge of her first animal-friendly Thanksgiving this year, regardless of what her plans turn out to be. Anandani suspects that she will be the sole vegan at any of her possible soirees, and will likely be surrounded by turkey gobblers and vegetarians alike.